Patrick Guye, PhD

Patrick Guye, PhD, is Managing Partner and Chief Technologist of Cephalion Technologies, and co-founder of Thymera, two companies operating in deep learning and directed therapeutic tissue and organ engineering respectively. 

Formerly Chief Scientific Officer at InSphero AG, Patrick Guye performed his PhD in Molecular Infection Biology at the Biozentrum in Basel, Switzerland, where he described how a novel set of pathogen proteins reprogrammes the host’s cell signaling.

For this postdoctoral work, Patrick went to Princeton University and then MIT, spearheading the emerging field of Mammalian Synthetic Biology in the lab of Ron Weiss by developing new approaches and methods for genetically programming human pluripotent stem to differentiate and self-assemble into complex organotypic 3D tissues, with a focus on pancreatic islets, liver and hematopoietic niches. At Sanofi in Frankfurt, Patrick led two laboratories, one in the Diabetes Division and one in the Biotherapeutics/Biologics Department. The former covering stem-cell derived pancreatic islets for cell therapy and drug discovery, the latter focusing on genetically programming cells to produce large biologics libraries for multiplex, entangled screenings.

In parallel, Patrick was also active in the information technology field, initially developing full-stack web applications using Java and relational databases. He later shifted to highly process-oriented, parallel and functional languages, graph databases, neural networks for deep learning, processing and analyzing highly dimensional data.

Patrick’s interests cover understanding and applying the engineering rules of self-assembly of complex and robust systems both in the development of biological life, as well as for building AI systems partnering with and augmenting humans. He currently lives with his wife, a mystery and science-fiction writer, and their dachshund-mix in Zurich, Switzerland.