Lucia Liu, PhD

Xue (Lucia) Liu is a postdoctoral fellow at National Institutes of Health, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. She has been working on skin physiology related research since 2013. She earned her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Binghamton University in 2017, working with Prof. Guy German. In her thesis work, she pioneered fundamental research on understanding failure mechanics of human skin tissue. Her thesis work was recognized with a Binghamton University research excellence award. She also chaired Gordon Research Seminar on Barrier function of mammalian skin in 2017. After completing her PhD, Lucia started working on fabrication of human skin tissue and developing high-throughput drug screening platform as a postdoctoral fellow at NIH/NCATS. Her focus is developing and using bio-printed vascularized skin as a tissue-in-a-dish model for skin disease modeling and chemical compound screening. She received a research excellence award from NIH for outstanding scientific research performed by postdoctoral fellows in 2018. She also received postdoctoral award with her skin toxicity studies from Society of Toxicity Dermal Special Session in 2019.

Lucia will review how 3D tissue models are currently being developed as alternative, more predictive assays for high throughput screening (HTS) for drug discovery. She will present a novel bio-printed vascularized full-thickness skin equivalent and a reconstructed human epidermis in a multi-well plate platform for the purpose of drug testing, with multiple endpoint readouts that quantifiable, robust, disease-relevant, and can be scaled up to allow HTS for compound discovery.