New Frontiers in 3D Cell Technologies

A full-day scientific symposium to discuss practical applications for transformative 3D cell and organ-on-a-chip technologies

April 25, 2019 ●  MIT Samberg Center ●  Cambridge, MA USA

Are you ready for the future of preclinical drug testing?

Organ on a chip systems | scalable 3D disease modeling platforms | animal testing alternatives | highly predictive drug safety screening

Join the conversion.  Help shape the future.

The 2019 New Frontiers in 3D Technologies conference brings together pharma and biotech thought-leaders, research scientists, and regulatory experts for an exclusive one-day conference on applications for innovative new 3D cell technologies for drug efficacy and safety testing.

  • Learn about practical applications for the latest generation of 3D in vitro models that have successfully transitioned from R&D evaluations to indispensable for everyday use in industry
  • Discuss 3D technology trends and real-world implementation challenges
  • Discover disease modeling platforms, assay strategies, and readout techniques that could transform how your organization does drug discovery and development
  • Debate how best to apply emerging tools for organ-on-a-chip systems.
  • Network with influencers in the fields of metabolic disease, oncology, and toxicology
  • Share how you are applying 3D cell-based technology in your work by submitting an abstract for a poster or oral presentation. 

organ-on-a-Chip Solutions

Human Disease Modeling

Alternatives to Animal testing

Drug Safety Screening

Featured Speakers

This year’s program includes talks by innovators in 3D cell technologies from Novo Nordisk, GC TherapeuticsTakeda Pharmaceuticals, and the Broad Institute of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Matthias von Herrath, MD

Vice President and Head of the Novo Nordisk Diabetes R&D Center and Professor at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology.

Call for Abstracts

New Frontiers in 3D invites scientists, bioengineers, academic researchers, and innovation leaders to submit abstracts featuring innovative applications of 3D Cell Technology for consideration for poster and oral presentations at our 2019 meeting.   

Sponsorship Opportunities

This year, New Frontiers in 3D will invite a select group of innovative 3D cell-based solution providers to sponsor the 2019 meeting and showcase products that we believe will be of interest to scientists, researchers, regulatory agencies, and others in the field. If you haven’t already received an invitation to participate, contact us for more information.  

New Frontiers in 3D Sponsors and Supporters

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